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997 Atomic Bomb The epic chant of fans of the Moscow club CSKA in excellent quality. Sung not only about the team rival, but also about Russian celebrities such as the famous singer Zhanna Friske and even the heroes of children's TV show Playlist
2223 Moscow in May Based on a popular song of the Soviet times, composed in 1937. It was called “Moscow in May” Playlist
2477 It's Fun to Walk Together Through the Marshes Based on a children’s song of 1970s "It's Fun To Walk Together On The Expanses" Playlist
2792 Yes! It's Settled! Now and Forever This is a poem by a famous Russian author, Sergei Yesenin, composed 1922. Sung by a group of Mongol Shuudan in 1995 and the singer Zemfira. It’s called after the first line: "Yes! It’s settled! Now and for ever..." Playlist
3388 Go Forward the Army Club Classic chant for Russian CSKA in perfect quality. The best choice for ringtones Playlist
4636 Pavel Mamayev! Pavel Mamaev - a midfielder of CSKA from 2007 to 2013. Today he is playing for the team "Krasnodar" Playlist
5061 Adios Happy for CSKA chants, and a nightmare for the team of Sevilla. Thundered the stadiums back in 2009/10, inspiring fear in the Spanish fans Playlist
6117 You Can Do Everything! This chant from CSKA fans cheers the team in the game against Spartak Moscow, one of the main rivals of CSKA Playlist
6532 To Win Simple CSKA fans chant, calling the victory. Recorded in good quality, perfect for ringtone Playlist
6676 Moscow A simple and widely used chants CSKA in excellent quality. Perfect for ringtone Playlist
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6931 The Red Army Is the Strongest of All Based on a marching song of the same name, written in 1920, during the Russian Civil War, which was meant as a combat anthem for the Red Army. “Meat” is a nickname the opposition calls Spartak Moscow Playlist
7198 Betis! Chants from the distant 2009. Sung at 1/8 Champions League, when CSKA played against Spanish club Real Betis Playlist
8039 CSKA The well-known and simple chant of CSKA with claps. It performed almost every game of the team. Perfect ringtone for a CSKA fan Playlist
9616 C! S! CSK! Simple chant of CSKA Moscow fans in English. Sung at away games and games with foreign teams Playlist
10430 A Dialogue with Happiness In 2009-10 CSKA made it to the ¼ past Sevilla. Last minutes of the game, the fans started singing this. It originates from a popular 1973 film 'Ivan Vassylievitch Changes Profession'. It’s called 'A Dialogue with Happiness' Playlist
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