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773 Abot Bystrov Having a go at Vladimir Bystrov who left Spartak for main rivals, Zenit (which is his native club though). Can be (and is!) applied to any and all with appropriate last name. Playlist
2739 Serbia - Kosovo This chant was sung during the times of the conflict in support for Serbia Playlist
3436 We Trust in Victory Simple, but very energetic chants. Ideal for ringtone Playlist
3604 About CSKA CSKA ("red and white") is one of the main competitors of the Spartak Moscow ("meat") Playlist
4131 Any Road Is More Fun When This is actually a song from a 1976 children’s movie, unchanged Playlist
5634 God, Save the Spartak Classic of Muscovites Playlist
6366 Chelsea Chants against the English team "Chelsea", whose owner is Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who lives in London Playlist
6889 Spartak Moscow Chant Sorry for the quality, difficult to make out the words Playlist
7156 God, Save Spartak Great chants in excellent quality! On motives of the national anthem of the Russian Empire "God Save the Tsar" Playlist
7706 In Petrovsky Park Chants against Dynamo, one of the main rivals of Spartak. Petrovsky Park is a district of Moscow, where the Dinamo Stadium is located Playlist
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10370 Our Spartak! Dear and Beloved Long ballad from Spartak fans in excellent quality. An excellent choice for a ringtone Playlist
11066 Abramovitch Not the friendliest of ditties. Chants against Roman Abramovich, owner of English football club "Chelsea". Included in the list of world's richest people according to Forbes Playlist
11521 An Unknown Station Is Shining Chant is based on the famous Soviet song "Hope", created in 1971 by Nikolai Dobronravov and Aleksandra Pakhmutova Playlist
14686 Spartak Clap Clap Clap Another chant with clappers in excellent quality. Take as a ringtone for your phone Playlist
15337 You Are Scum Not too polite chant against any opponents of Spartak Playlist
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red-red-red-white-red !!! psjkee Spartak Moscow Sat 20 Apr '13  · Re: Верим в победу  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
КАКОЙ ДЕБИЛ ЭТО ПЕРЕВОДИЛ? FuckSpartakandManUtd Chelsea Sun 13 Jan '13  · Re: Про ЦСКА  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
translete on russian in english very bad Russian_WHU West Ham Thu 21 Jun '12  · Re: Про ЦСКА  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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