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Football team playing in the Premier League, Russia

1052 The City over the Chainless Neva River This is a Zenit anthem. The fans wrote it more than 30 years ago and sing it at every game right after the kick-off Playlist
1973 Our City Forever Classical chant from fans from Petersburg in excellent quality. The best choice for a ringtone Playlist
2188 Come On, for St Petersburg Simple chants in excellent quality. Ideal for ringtone Playlist
2780 Sasha Kerzhakov From St Petersburg with LOVE! A chant for Zenit's striker Sasha Kerzhakov Playlist
3098 Zenit Classic ringtone material Playlist
3960 Zenit Goal Ole Classical chant of Zenit in excellent quality. Perfect for ringtone Playlist
4004 Indigo White Azure! Hey! Hey Really popular chant well-known everywhere around Russia Playlist
4349 Zenit Peter Another simple one Playlist
4738 Zenit Petersburg Hey Good ringtone material for a Zenit fan Playlist
5145 One City – One Team Another popular call-answer, based on the fact that Zenit is the only Premier League team in St Petersburg – while rival city Moscow has four teams in The Premier League, and in some seasons has had twice that number. Playlist
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5240 Triumphal March Sung at glorious moments of games Playlist
5401 That’s the Capital St Petersburg has been the capital of Russian Empire for over 200 years Playlist
5767 We Are from Leningrad Sung to the tune of a song by Russian rock band Tantzi Minus Playlist
6153 Come on All Together The best chant ever with music and drums. This is a real piece offootball fan's art in perfect performance Playlist
6199 Ole Zenit St Petersburg The Blue-White-Sky Blues - the nickname of Zenit, given to the team by main team colors Playlist
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Vpered Zenit
Vpered za Piter
Vpered za Piter
Vpered Zenit
fatima.sultygova Zenit Saint Petersburg Wed 13 Feb '13  · Re: Вперед за Питер  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
chest' ego hranit samy luchsii v mire klub,
imya gordoe ego Zenit Sankt-Peterburg
Oooo Peterburg, gorod nash, navsegda
fatima.sultygova Zenit Saint Petersburg Wed 13 Feb '13  · Re: Город наш навсегда  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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